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My name is Matthias Förster and I am a musician and sound designer from Germany and founder of Daydreamz Studios.

Music is a main part of my life, as long as I can remember. In my long musical carrer I played a lot of different instruments, but I found my passion in the early 1990's  while touching and playing my first synthesizer. Since that time I constantly developed my skills in composition, sound design, mixing and mastering my own work.

This journey brought me to the point, where I'm able to provide my music as a product. Today I compose mainly epic and trailer music, background music for horror games and movies but also other genres.

One part of my portfolio is recording and providing of sound effects.

I am part of the Artlist Originals team and create tracks on their behalf.

I have created soundsets for Parawave Rapid, u-he Diva and Reveal Sound Spire and composed some exclusive tracks for the very known youtube channel  Itchy Boots

I want to invite you to have a listen to my work. Just visit the pages "Music" and "SFX" and enjoy.

I am affiliated with the Performing Rights Organization "United States BMI" 

I am a certified member of

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